Becoming a retailer

Why become a mercer retailer?

The reputation of the Mercier brand as well its top quality wood floors no longer has to be made. The Mercier brand is now sought out by consumers. It is synonymous with eco-responsibility, health, choice, beauty, durability and overall quality.


The best offer in the industry

Mercier products are diverse and have been developed according to your customers’ needs. Our teams of professionals travel to the four corners of the world to: validate, understand and predict global design trends. Result: leading edge and fashionable products that meet the needs of every customer who enters your store.

Our finishes

We offer a unique warranty: not only durable finishes, but unparalleled beauty that allow wood to express all its beauty. Your Mercier hardwood floor will keep its beauty for generations. Visit our finishes section to learn more.

Your Mercier display- Your profit center

For our new retailers, special programs have been designed to generate sales quickly:

  • The Mercier $ program which brings flexibility to your marketing plan;
  • Training for vendors;
  • Developed marketing programs;
  • Professionals available for questions;
  • Effective and attractive in-store sales tools;
  • Product offerings at your disposal and adjusted to the world that surrounds us;
  • Price strategies and powerful specials; and
  • Program for builders and installers.


Mercier broadcasts the name of your store and directs consumers to it using various tools:

  • Annual communication plan;
  • A Web site that corresponds to the new on-line shopping trends;
  • A section of the Web site that helps consumers locate you quickly and to visit your store;
  • Annual communication plan
  • Support and advice for your communication and marketing needs.

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