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You are a dynamic and responsible person, who likes team work? Join us! At Mercier Wood Flooring Montmagny or Drummondville, many opportunities await you.

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Why work at Mercier Wood Flooring?

Working at Mercier Wood Flooring is being part of a young, supportive, dynamic, responsible and human team, within a quality and safe work environment, open to successful social relations. Working at Mercier Wood Flooring, is also being an integral part of the company’s success.

A dynamic spirit

We offer pleasant working conditions. Our work teams are dynamic and trained by people who are young at heart. This also represents our corporate spirit perfectly as well as our managers’ and owners’ philosophy. At Mercier Wood Flooring, we believe in excellence. It is through ongoing training that we can surpass ourselves daily and fulfil ourselves professionally.


Occupational health and safety are of primary importance and require the commitment and accountability of each employee to his/her respective work position. As a result of this accountability and respect for the occupational health and safety rules and procedures established in the company, Mercier Wood Flooring has a risk index that shows above-average performance in the hardwood industry.

Importance of internal communications

Internal communication is paramount at Mercier for effective and enjoyable teamwork. To promote this, we have:

  • Regular development and planning team meetings
  • An internal newsletter that conveys the voices of employees who wish to share experience or knowledge. Features include editorials from each department to inform Mercier team members of the latest social and industry trends;

Mercier Wood Flooring has introduced organizational values where quality of life is at the forefront. In fact, the family-owned company encourages personal initiatives through various measures which foster work and personal life balance. It also has set up numerous social activities permitting socialization between the plants throughout the year. Furthermore, the Drummondville plant’s social club and the social activity committee of the Montmagny plant regularly organize memorable social outings: Christmas party, summer barbecue, river cruises, rafting, Valcartier outings, etc.