Type of floor

How a wood floor fares depends on its environment.

Once installed, your wood floor should last a lifetime, or close to that. Choosing the right floor is thus essential. Let us guide you through this exciting project.

  • Step one: you can choose between a Solid or Engineered wood floor. When deciding between the two, consider your own tastes and the environment of your future floor.

Solid Wood Floors

A Solid wood floor is made of 100% wood and has a thickness of ¾’’. It is available in 2 ¼’’, 3 ¼’’ and 4 ¼’’ widths, in most species, and in a 7 ¼ width in the Cabin Pine series. Boards have micro v-joints on all 4 sides and are of random lengths.

Solid wood flooring can be nailed or stapled to a subfloor. It should be installed on the ground floor and on upper floors, but is not recommended for a basement, due to the humidity levels that could compromise its stability.

Engineered wood floors

Engineered flooring is made of a hardwood surface layer, laid on top of Baltic birch plywood, for a better stability when exposed to variations in humidity. It can be installed on any floor of the house, including the basement, and can be installed on all types of subfloors, including those equipped with a radiant heating system. Their versatility allows for a glued, stapled or nailed installation, and even floating for most species.

Engineered ½’’

Engineered flooring offered in a ½’’ thickness comes in 3 ¼’’, 4 ½’’ and 6 ½’’ widths. Lengths are random, up to 7 feet.

Engineered ¾’’

Engineered flooring offered in a ¾’’ thickness allows to push the widths limitation because of its greater stability. It comes in 4 ½ ’’ , 6 ½’’ and 8 ⅛’’ widths and lengths are random, up to 7 feet.

Loc wood floors

You have a tight budget and want the installation to be quick and easy?

LOC wood floors are more affordable than either Solid or Engineered wood floors because of the way they’re made:

  • the hardwood layer is not as thick as in other floors
  • the substrate is a sheet of dense fibre

However, the substrate makes the floor much more stable and shock resistant.

Installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and uses the “floating” technique.

An LOC floor is suitable on any level and in any room of your home.

Have you decided on a floor type? Then it’s time for step two.

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