Our values

At Mercier, our mission is to satisfy our clients by designing the right products to answer their needs and by focusing our professional efforts through team work, to offer total quality and innovation, with a concern for profitableness and environmental respect.


  • QUALITY OF LIFE We favor a pleasant work ambiance, in the respect and valorization of each one, aiming at balancing professional and personal life.
  • HONESTY We strive for transparency and integrity.
  • RESPONSIBILITY We are engaged to acting at the right place, at the right time, the right way, evaluating and taking responsibility for the outcome of our actions.
  • LOYALTY We respect our commitments, as well as the company’s objectives and values.
  • EXCELLENCE We provide continuous efforts to perform, in all aspects, beyond expectations.

From humble beginnings in 1980 in Mr. Marcel Mercier’s workshop, the seeds of innovation were planted, in order to revolutionize the finishing process for hardwood flooring. Using experiences gained as a cabinet-maker, Marcel worked tirelessly to create a factory-finished wood floor that could withstand generations of footsteps. Advancements in processes and materials meant that consumers no longer needed to endure the inconveniences of hardwood floors sanded and finished on-site.

For years, we have been recognized as an industry leader in factory finished flooring. After perfecting the finishing process, we embarked on a project to effectively secure and streamline our manufacturing and raw materials pipeline. Vertically integrated in 2001, our dedicated hardwood sawmill provides 100% of the raw materials we use. Designed to maximize the growing trend for wider widths, our sawmill has the capacity to generate the widths required by the market’s demand. With superior product quality, excellence in service and supply and unmatched product values, distributors and retailers across North America continue to recognize the outstanding product opportunities provided by Mercier Wood Flooring. The natural selection.

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